Office of Performance Management and Open Data

Put your design & data skills into the service of improving the lives of thousands of Chattanoogans.

The Office of Performance Management and Open Data (OPMOD) is the go-to resource for harnessing city data to drive citizen-focused solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of city services while providing unparalleled transparency into government operations. The office is within the departmet of Innovation Delivery and Performance.

  Our Work

OPMOD currently operates the city's open data portal, performance and data analytics work and several other small scale initiatives. Together, these initiatives use data in the service of Chattanoogans. You can learn more about our work on our website.

  • Open Data Portal, a website that allows Chattanoogans the ability to view updated, relevant open data about how the city provides services. The portal not only hosts the data but also provides powerful visualization capabilities to make it easier for citizens and businesses to gain insights from data directly on the open data portal. Without being data analysis experts.

  • Program Evalutaions are performed to determine if initiatives and agency funded programs are achieving their desired impact. We seek to embed experimentation and evaluation into all our programs so that we can continually improve.
  • ChattaData is Chattanooga's performance dashboard that allows citizens to see how the city is progressing on its priorities. ChattaData substantively increases transparency to the inner workings of city government by providing easy to understand visuals on how the city is performing.
  • Budget Viz, a data visualization app of the city's operating and capital budget where users can easily explore budget information in what was previously only provided in a 400+ page pdf.
  • New Initiatives We are also working on new initiatives that build upon our open data offerings, our expertise in data science and the city's performance management program. For example, we have taken on a "data as a service" project to begin addressing the city's affordable housing crisis by providing easily accessible one stop shop for affordable housing data in our community.

  Join the Team

The Team

We are a small team of public servants working at the highest levels of local government to use our expertise to create a meaningful impact while helping to improve the lives of Chattanoogans. Our values are the following: open by default, learning over accountability, asking for help shows strength, default to action, everyone has something to teach and work should be fun.

We are seeking a new team member with similar values who wants to make a difference in Chattanooga.

Our Approach

  • Put users first - Start with users, not technology. Connect with the community about their needs and expectations, and test and refine solutions with the user
  • Champion iterative, data-informed methods - Adopt an agile approach to technology and workflow design that uses prototyping, testing, and iteration to learn and improve over time, rather than "redesign"
  • Cultivate a learning community - Meet city employees enthusiasm with access to learning opportunities and cross-departmental and cross-discipline connections

Open Positions

The following are the open positions for the Office of Performance Management and Open Data.
  • Current Openings:
  • OPMOD Director


    The Office of Performance Management and Open Data offers internships during the Fall, Spring and Summer semester.
  • Intern Openings:
  • General Internship